Laboratory Testing



  Our handling of Protective Equipment is in accordance with applicable ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA standards.


The following services are available in the PETL Laboratory:

  • Electrical testing and cleaning of rubber gloves, sleeves, all rubber goods and fiber cover-up equipment
  • Cleaning, testing, repair and refinishing of live-line tools
  • Cleaning, testing and repair of protective grounds and insulated jumpers
  • Clean and repair of hoist and other tools



Repair Service

  • Live line tools
  • Repair / Refinish
  • Hoist
  • Personal Protective Grounds
  • Insulated Jumpers

Our Process Includes:

  • Check-in, with preliminary visual inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Electrical testing
  • Visual inspection of each item (inside and out)
    Certification and stamping
  • Powdering (Optional)
  • ASTM specification packaging
  • Complete computerized test data reporting